Virginia Hayes Mills

Our Mother originally was a resident of The Presbyterian Home in Newton, KS in the Alzheimers wing. When her husband died, my sister and I were confronted with the dilemma of leaving her in familiar surroundings in Kansas or bringing her to New Jersey and The Cliffs. With prayer, I knew it was the right time to move her closer to us. It was not a simple decision nor was the trip on an airplane with a 91 year old, but once Mom was safely in her new room at The Cliffs, I was at peace with our decision. The Cliffs had arranged for everything and her room was fully furnished when we arrived. When I looked out the window of her new room, I saw a spacious Interior courtyard, walking paths, green lawns, flowers, and beautiful blooming red bud trees. I knew Mom was home.
Mother received excellent care from the Cliff’s staff over the next 4 years. I noticed Mom’s mental acuity actually improved because of the many special daily activities in the Haven. Mom and I always attended the Annual Christmas Concert in the Chapel and when I would come before lunch, we would sing old songs from the 40’s with all the Haven residents. When possible, I would push her wheel chair around the beautiful walking paths surrounding the Cliffs.
On Mother’s Day 2015, I wheeled Mom around the Cliffs and decided to take her to the Upper Gazebo. Below is a picture taken that day in May; I treasure this beautiful moment, her last Mother’s Day.

When mother began to fail, St. Barnabas Hospice was called to assist in her final days at the Cliffs. Hospice along with the Cliff’s staff took such wonderful care of Mom and helped my sister and me to fully understand the dying process. Daily, Cliff’s staff would come to Mom’s room to comfort and pray with us. The compassion and sincerity exhibited during those last days was almost beyond words.
I so appreciate the 4 years Mom spent at The Cliffs. Thank you, thank you too all who knew and cared for our Mother, known affectionately at the Cliffs as Gee Gee.

The Cherkezian Family

“All the family agrees, there is no other place more perfect for Mom. The staff is a gift to the Cliffs and brings such a calm and kindess to the entire energy of this ‘home’ energy.”

Five years ago, when it was clear that my mother needed to move from Chicago to live closer to us here in New Jersey, my wife and I searched relentlessly for the perfect assisted living home. We must have personally gone to more than a dozen facilities, and checked out many others online. We consulted state websites to see whose inspection records were the best. In the end, it was an easy choice. The Cliffs was far and away the best place. Five years later, we are more convinced of that than ever, especially after Mom had to move into the Haven. We saw just how much the staff invested in the care of everyone, from making sure medications were taken to providing great activities and entertainment. Mom loved all of you. Monica, thank you. Madame President (you know who you are!), thank you. I thank all you terrific people who spent days and nights checking on, talking with and helping my mother. Leni, you worked wonders to make sure she could stay at The Cliffs. Orlando and the nursing office, you kept such a good eye on her medical conditions. Mark and the building staff, what a clean, fine-tuned machine you make at The Cliffs. To the kitchen crew, those are mighty tasty meals you whip up. I hope the administration posts this letter so that the entire staff can read it. You should all take a bow. You gave my mother’s family great peace-of-mind because she was in such good hands.

Ruth Marie Olsen

I like being called Ruth. I was born in Brooklyn, New York and my parents were from Norway. After Trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior I attended Columbia Bible College.

Christmas Party

December 28th 2015

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Senior Gardeners Share Their Harvest

Cliff’s residents, Major Bill Horn, Marjorie Tallent and Caryl Rowell take turns grooming the robust garden they’ve created at The Cliffs at Eagle Rock Assisted Living in West Orange. Now in its 4th year, their garden has matured under the able supervision of Major Horn who began the project as a way of keeping busy and useful.

“We’ve since expanded into two areas” he says with obvious pride. “We planted our 140 tomato plants, and variety of herbs purposely in the inner court yard so residents can take produce for their own use, as well as our dining staff for meals in the main dining room.” The other location is on a lower slope of the campus I was told, where peppers, green onions, cucumbers and additional herbs are growing. “We’ve had to put a wire fence around it, says Major Horn, to keep out the deer, but the bugs are another story and a real problem!”

The senior gardeners plan and strategize and work with Cliff’s maintenance to prepare a perfect garden. Members take turns with the weeding and watering, and cooks come out daily to pick herbs for their daily meal preparation. To help enhance the beauty, the Cliffs Salon beautician even donated hanging flowering baskets all round!

“We started in April to get the garden started and it looks like we will have a bumper crop of tomatoes in about two weeks,” says Major Horn.
The group is even suggesting there will be plenty for staff to take some home for their families as well. Now that is truly a sharing harvest!

The Cliffs at Eagle Rock Named “Caring Star of 2015” for Service

Positive Feedback in Online Reviews Puts The Cliffs at Eagle Rock Among Best Communities in Nation
West Orange, New Jersey: The Cliffs at Eagle Rock has been selected as a “Caring Star” of 2015, as part of an annual nationwide program honoring service excellence based on consumer ratings and reviews posted on, the leading senior care website.

“We appreciate such positive feedback from families about the services we offer, and we thank for recognizing our community as a Caring Star,” said Charlotte Crosswell, the Cliffs Marketing Director.

Families are increasingly seeking insights provided by online reviews to help guide senior care decisions. In multiple research studies, the majority of family caregivers have indicated that they used the Internet and two-thirds took to the Web after noticing signs of memory loss in a loved one.
Of the 31,000 assisted living communities nationwide, only 805 earned the Caring Stars award this year.

“Congratulations to the Cliffs at Eagle Rock for achieving this award after earning high praise from residents and their families,” said CEO Andy Cohen. “This important milestone speaks volumes about the positive difference The Cliffs is making in serving older adults, and we join with the local community in celebrating their accomplishment.”

Residents Find Common Ground

The Cliffs at Eagle Rock Assisted Living Community explored the broad range of backgrounds Among their Cliffs neighbors at their Annual Fall Home Town Social.
Yes, you could say a good many residents come from the local communities, remarks Resident Council President, Major Bill Horn. For instance, residents from Newark discovered they were at competing High Schools and got to reminisce.

But, he adds, “a lot of residents like me grew up and raised families in many different states. We have residents from: Maine, Connecticut, Tennessee, Kansas, Texas, and Indiana and Florida, with a large number from New York and Long Island. “A for me, I am from Washington State, I moved here to be near my son, Rev. Greg Horn, pastor of The Presbyterian Church of Upper Montclair. What may be even more remarkable is the number of residents from different countries as well

For instance, here is a list of countries also represented at this year’s social: Ireland, England, Italy, Jamaica, Denmark, Norway, Brazil, Argentina and Canada.

Despite such varied backgrounds, residents all agree they are pretty much the same and find they enjoy their new found neighborhood at the Cliffs.
“We may come from different places, says Major Horn, but now we are all from the SAME place, and it’s a pretty nice one at that!”

The Cliffs at Eagle Rock is an assisted living community with advanced standing in West Orange, New Jersey. For further information about the Cliffs, you can call: 973-669-0011.

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