Phillip Siculietano

As the caretaker of four elderly sisters , 2 who were in assisted living facilities, I learned quickly that they are not all created equal!

When I needed to move one of my aunts from a facility she was in for a period of time to a new one, I was blessed to find The Cliffs at Eagle Rock. From the moment I entered this facility I realized it was a home, a home where people could spend their remaining years in the presence of the most loving, supportive, and professional caregivers.

The building is so very clean and beautifully decorated. It has a warm and welcoming feeling. The grounds are beautiful and the activities are endless! However, it is the caretakers who really set this place apart from the others! Everyone, and I mean everyone, from every department, is encouraging, kind, and compassionate with the aging. Your family is treated like their family!

After having lived through two other facilities, I am aware of what needs to be done to take care of someone in need. I always felt confident and comfortable leaving my aunt in the care of the loving Aides and Nurses at The Cliffs. Your loved one will feel like they are someone special, and you will have peace of mind knowing that they are being cared for by the best.

As a former special education teacher, The Cliffs at Eagle Rock gets an A+

Cliffs Weekly Art Class

The Cliffs Love Boat Cruise

January & February Highlight

The Cliffs Summer Tour Around The World

Celebrating Life, Family, and Liberty!

A record number of Cliffs residents ventured outdoors to dine, some with family, outside in the sunshine at the Cliffs outdoor dining patio in the interior garden area.

The day was a testimony to the renewal of life as we knew it in our pre-pandemic era!

Cliffs dining staff, along with dining manager, Lee Whitaker, grilled up a special menu that was enjoyed by all.

Prior to their barbecue, Major Bill Horn lead a moving Memorial Service to honor the men and women who defended our country, often at great peril and sacrifice.  Major Horn shared moving stories of his dangerous missions as a special ops helicopter pilot taking soldiers behind enemy lines to save many. 

So many Cliffs residents cheered all those who made their holiday so special and happy.

We hope this is the start of a very enjoyable summer for residents and for the community.

2023 Cliffs Spring Concert

Cliffs Residents Raise Funds for Wounded Warrior Project!

Three cheers for our Cliffs Residents who voted in favor of taking on their first charity project since the pandemic began. They chose Wounded Warrior Project and organized ways for residents to raise funds besides making charitable contributions in the charity box.

For about 6 weeks, residents donated their winnings from Bings, Badminton, Laps around the Cliffs, and shuffleboard games to help raise $300. The cash prizes were supplemented by donations dropped in the Charity Box left at the front reception desk. To their credit, the resident’s final tally was a total of $307.00! A check has been mailed in their Name,

Wounded Warrior Project is a direct service organization. 100% of donation supports wounded warriors. About 72% — nearly $250 million in the fiscal year 2022 – was spent directly on programs and services for wounded warriors, families, and caregivers. The balance paid to support the delivery of this life-changing support.

More than 220,000 warriors, family members, and caregivers were registered with Wounded Warrior Project as of September 30, 2022. The need is great and growing. Every month in 2022, more than 1,780 warriors and family members registered with Wounded Warrior Project to receive our free programs and services.

Annmarie Rogers

When it became clear that my 98-year-old mother, Rosalia, would soon no longer be safe in an independent environment, even with assistance from daily aides, I began looking in earnest for a place to care for Mom. My first visit to the Cliffs convinced me that this was the place. But because so many people agreed, there was no spot for Mom. I asked Charlotte to put her name on the “waiting list”, and I kept looking. Indeed, Mom spent time in another facility who gave respite care while I was on a trip. However, I prayed that a spot would open up at The Cliffs, and often dropped in to see if anything had. I pretty much hounded Charlotte!

Finally, prayers were answered, and Mom became a resident. With old age and clinical depression working against her, the staff at the Cliffs kept her busy and engaged to her fullest ability. Even though mom had been reluctant to enter a nursing home, she soon felt comfortable, and my frequent visits helped to ease her anxiety. We both came to know and love the staff at the Cliffs, who took wonderful and gentle care of her.

In addition to having some Easter and Christmas dinners with Mom, we celebrated her 100th birthday with a big family party in the church basement, and on her 101st birthday, with a smaller celebration in the family dining room.

I can never thank the wonderful staff at the Cliffs enough for doing the job that I was unable to do . . . and they did it with love and enthusiasm.

To say that the Cliffs in West Orange is a wonderful place would be an understatement…. It is extraordinary, and I am very comfortable saying that there is none like it and none better.

Annmarie Rogers, Rosalia Barbato’s Daughter

Gordon Meyer, CEO

Gordon Meyer has been a driving force behind The Baptist Home Society for over 45 years, first as the Board’s attorney in Newark and later as the advisor and legal council in the transition to the Assisted Living arena. Gordon was primarily responsible for developing The Cliffs at Eagle Rock.

Gordon received his B.A. from Wheaton College and his law degree from Cornell Law School. He has specialized in the care of the elderly both in his law practice and his charity involvements, serving on the Board of Directors of the Holland Home in North Haledon NJ for over 40 years and presently a member of the Board of Directors of The Christian Health Care Center in Wyckoff, NJ.

Gordon was asked to assume the role of CEO of The Cliffs in 2005 by the Board of the Baptist Home Society He characterizes his work at The Cliffs to be profoundly satisfying and the culmination of his desire to make a difference in the lives of the elderly. The Cliffs is proud of 125 years of caring for the elderly. We hope you choose to live in a residence where the commitment in your quality of life is embodied in the Mission Statement of our non-profit corporation rather than in the business plan of a for-profit corporation.

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