Gail Abramowitz

For days I have pondered how to express my gratitude for your compassion, devotion and true caring for my dad.  I knew from the day I first sang there and then toured the Cliffs before bringing Dad to you that this place was very special.  It felt like home immediately and it took no time for dad to settle in.  Yes, there were some small issues like the saga of the disappearing handkerchiefs but all the important things were done with finesse.  Dad always felt the love you exuded and the respect for him even as he declined.   You spoke to him, not at him or around him.  He loved how clean he said things were.  Thoroughly enjoyed the food – his appetite a testament to that!  He loved singing and dancing which I also shared with him the other residents and the team.  As he declined, your unending support made him feel safe and secure and his passing could not have been more dignified and serene.

I share your pain in losing a vibrant member of the Cliffs community, but, I am reminded that it only hurts because you truly loved him and he loved all of you.  So all I am left to say is thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  Please know you touched him, me, Nat and all who came to see him.  We were very fortunate to find you.

Ada Beth Cutler

We are enormously grateful that our mother was able to spend this last stage of her life here, where she was consistently treated with love, respect, and dignity. The Cliffs have a genuine calling to care for the elderly of all backgrounds and religions. The Director of Nursing is a loving person who knows how to give care in a respectful and dignified manner. We would be remiss if we did not mention how clean and lovely the physical plant of The Cliffs is and that is not trivial.

Carol Stanziale

There are no words to express the gratitude we feel on the care that was given to our Mother over all these years.  The Administrators and staff at the Cliffs show an amazing amount of dedication and compassion. You are all truly sensitive to the needs of your residents.

Over the 11 years that my Mother made her second home at the Cliffs, there was never a time that she felt that her life was useless or not complete. In the beginning of her stay, she thoroughly enjoyed the activities that were provided to the residents. She especially enjoyed playing dominoes and all the lunch trips that were provided. She was always ready to help out wherever she could and that made her feel useful and gave her a sense of accomplishment.

In her later years, when her health began to fail, the care she received was outstanding. Her family cannot begin to repay you for the generosity and love that the staff and administrators provided. Please accept this token of our extreme gratitude.

Virginia Hayes Mills

Our Mother originally was a resident of The Presbyterian Home in Newton, KS in the Alzheimers wing. When her husband died, my sister and I were confronted with the dilemma of leaving her in familiar surroundings in Kansas or bringing her to New Jersey and The Cliffs. With prayer, I knew it was the right time to move her closer to us. It was not a simple decision nor was the trip on an airplane with a 91 year old, but once Mom was safely in her new room at The Cliffs, I was at peace with our decision. The Cliffs had arranged for everything and her room was fully furnished when we arrived. When I looked out the window of her new room, I saw a spacious Interior courtyard, walking paths, green lawns, flowers, and beautiful blooming red bud trees. I knew Mom was home.
Mother received excellent care from the Cliff’s staff over the next 4 years. I noticed Mom’s mental acuity actually improved because of the many special daily activities in the Haven. Mom and I always attended the Annual Christmas Concert in the Chapel and when I would come before lunch, we would sing old songs from the 40’s with all the Haven residents. When possible, I would push her wheel chair around the beautiful walking paths surrounding the Cliffs.
On Mother’s Day 2015, I wheeled Mom around the Cliffs and decided to take her to the Upper Gazebo. Below is a picture taken that day in May; I treasure this beautiful moment, her last Mother’s Day.

When mother began to fail, St. Barnabas Hospice was called to assist in her final days at the Cliffs. Hospice along with the Cliff’s staff took such wonderful care of Mom and helped my sister and me to fully understand the dying process. Daily, Cliff’s staff would come to Mom’s room to comfort and pray with us. The compassion and sincerity exhibited during those last days was almost beyond words.
I so appreciate the 4 years Mom spent at The Cliffs. Thank you, thank you too all who knew and cared for our Mother, known affectionately at the Cliffs as Gee Gee.

The Cherkezian Family

“All the family agrees, there is no other place more perfect for Mom. The staff is a gift to the Cliffs and brings such a calm and kindess to the entire energy of this ‘home’ energy.”

Five years ago, when it was clear that my mother needed to move from Chicago to live closer to us here in New Jersey, my wife and I searched relentlessly for the perfect assisted living home. We must have personally gone to more than a dozen facilities, and checked out many others online. We consulted state websites to see whose inspection records were the best. In the end, it was an easy choice. The Cliffs was far and away the best place. Five years later, we are more convinced of that than ever, especially after Mom had to move into the Haven. We saw just how much the staff invested in the care of everyone, from making sure medications were taken to providing great activities and entertainment. Mom loved all of you. Monica, thank you. Madame President (you know who you are!), thank you. I thank all you terrific people who spent days and nights checking on, talking with and helping my mother. Leni, you worked wonders to make sure she could stay at The Cliffs. Orlando and the nursing office, you kept such a good eye on her medical conditions. Mark and the building staff, what a clean, fine-tuned machine you make at The Cliffs. To the kitchen crew, those are mighty tasty meals you whip up. I hope the administration posts this letter so that the entire staff can read it. You should all take a bow. You gave my mother’s family great peace-of-mind because she was in such good hands.

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