Residents Find Common Ground

The Cliffs at Eagle Rock Assisted Living Community explored the broad range of backgrounds Among their Cliffs neighbors at their Annual Fall Home Town Social.
Yes, you could say a good many residents come from the local communities, remarks Resident Council President, Major Bill Horn. For instance, residents from Newark discovered they were at competing High Schools and got to reminisce.

But, he adds, “a lot of residents like me grew up and raised families in many different states. We have residents from: Maine, Connecticut, Tennessee, Kansas, Texas, and Indiana and Florida, with a large number from New York and Long Island. “A for me, I am from Washington State, I moved here to be near my son, Rev. Greg Horn, pastor of The Presbyterian Church of Upper Montclair. What may be even more remarkable is the number of residents from different countries as well

For instance, here is a list of countries also represented at this year’s social: Ireland, England, Italy, Jamaica, Denmark, Norway, Brazil, Argentina and Canada.

Despite such varied backgrounds, residents all agree they are pretty much the same and find they enjoy their new found neighborhood at the Cliffs.
“We may come from different places, says Major Horn, but now we are all from the SAME place, and it’s a pretty nice one at that!”

The Cliffs at Eagle Rock is an assisted living community with advanced standing in West Orange, New Jersey. For further information about the Cliffs, you can call: 973-669-0011.

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