Visitation Rules

Revised 05/11/2021

How do I schedule a visit?

To schedule a visit with a Cliffs resident, call (973) 669-0011 ext. 1300 between 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. at least one business day ahead of desired day of visitation. Same-day scheduling will no longer be accommodated.

What is the time for visitation?

Visitation hours are from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. Last visitation appointment for the day will be scheduled at 6 p.m. Please arrive 15 minutes prior your scheduled visitation for screening. Please arrive on time; visitation will not be extended due to lateness.

Where do I go for the visit?

After screening / check-in, you must go to your designated visitation area. If the resident resides in a one-bedroom apartment, the visitation will take place in their respective apartments. If the resident resides in a studio or semi-private apartment, the visitation will take place in a designated indoor area, which will be cleaned and sanitized before and after the visitation.

How many people can visit?

Up to two (2) visitors may visit at a time, and each resident is allowed to schedule one visitation slot per day. Visitors cannot take turns during visitation. (**Children under 2 years old and below and/or visitors who cannot wear a mask due to medical reasons cannot visit.)

How long are visits?

Indoor and outdoor – 1 hour max; Essential Caregiver (EC), Compassionate Care (CC), and End-of-Life (EoL) – 2 hours max

Can all residents receive a visit?

Residents who are COVID-positive, under investigation for COVID, and/or are under quarantine cannot receive visitors. Virtual visitations (FaceTime, Zoom) can be scheduled for these residents. Residents who have no other precautions are allowed to receive visitors. Please note that scheduled visitations may be cancelled if a resident is not feeling well on the day of the scheduled visit.

Can I visit if I live out of state?

Visitors from states other than New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Delaware must quarantine 14 days prior to visiting.

What can I bring with me for my visit?

Gifts and other items/food for your loved one can be left at the Reception area to be sanitized to be delivered to the resident by a staff member.

How do I schedule a resident outing?

Please click on the link below for the resident outing procedure:

Can a resident spend an overnight stay at a family member’s home?

Residents are not permitted to have an overnight out of facility stay with family members.

What time should the resident return to the facility?

Residents must return to the facility no later than 7:30pm.

How often can a resident go on a casual outing?

Twice a week, with only one weekend outing accommodation.

What are the safety precautions?

Visitors must wear well-fitting masks (N95 mask or double cloth/surgical masks) covering their nose and mouth at all times during screening and actual visit regardless of vaccination status.

  • All visitors must go through the screening process prior to entering the Lobby. If your temperature is above 100 degrees, visitation will be denied.
  • Following screening, visitors must check-in with the receptionist to sign an Informed Consent Form before proceeding to the visitation area.
  • Proper PPE will be required for visitors doing EC, CC, and EoL visit due to the prolonged direct contact with the resident.
  • If both visitor and resident are vaccinated, are two weeks past second dose vaccination, and are COVID-free, limited close contact such as a hug is permitted provided both parties wear well-fitted masks and use proper hand hygiene before and after contact.
  • The 3 W’s should be followed: WASH hands, WEAR masks, and WATCH your distance.
  • Visitors and residents may leave their designated visitation areas and walk around the Cliffs grounds, but must go back to their designated visitation areas after the walk. Common areas such as the great room, country kitchen, and the Lobby are restricted during visitation.
  • For everyone’s safety, sharing of food and beverages during visits is not permitted at this time.
  • Public restrooms in the building are not available to visitors at this time. A restroom in the Chapel area is available for urgent needs.
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