All the family agrees, there is no other place more perfect for Mom. The staff is a gift to the Cliffs and brings such a calm and kindness to the entire energy of this “homey” energy.
The Cherkezian Family
Five years ago, when it was clear that my mother needed to move from Chicago to live closer to us here in New Jersey, my wife and I searched relentlessly for the perfect assisted living home. We must have personally gone to more than a dozen facilities, and checked out many others online. We consulted state websites to see whose inspection records were the best. In the end, it was an easy choice. The Cliffs was far and away the best place. Five years later, we are more convinced of that than ever, especially after Mom had to move into the Haven. We saw just how much the staff invested in the care of everyone, from making sure medications were taken to providing great activities and entertainment. Mom loved all of you. Monica, thank you. Madame President (you know who you are!), thank you. I thank all you terrific people who spent days and nights checking on, talking with and helping my mother. Leni, you worked wonders to make sure she could stay at The Cliffs. Orlando and the nursing office, you kept such a good eye on her medical conditions. Mark and the building staff, what a clean, fine-tuned machine you make at The Cliffs. To the kitchen crew, those are mighty tasty meals you whip up. I hope the administration posts this letter so that the entire staff can read it. You should all take a bow. You gave my mother’s family great peace-of-mind because she was in such good hands.
Steve Twomey
GiGi as she is affectionately called looked around her new home, a beautiful studio suite in the Haven community for Alzheimer residents. Her broad smile let us know that all is well. Until June of this year, GiGi, was living in Newton, Kansas at an assisted living facility. When her husband passed away last Spring we were confronted with the dilemma of leaving her in her familiar surroundings, or uprooting her and moving her to New Jersey to be closer to us. Nevertheless it was not an easy decision. Seeing GiGi so content in her new home, calmer, engaged and made comfortable so quickly and with such easy, give us great admiration for the staff here at the Cliffs. The activities and care in The Haven have brought a marked improvement in GiGi’s quality of life. She is more alert and conveys a more congenial demeanor. It is never truly easy to care for frail elderly loved ones. However, when it is done right and with genuine compassion and ENTIRE family can lay a great deal of care aside and rejoice, feeling in their hearts “All is well”.
The Meyer/Mills Family
We were very fortunate to have had our wonderful mother, Elena, for 95 years. Mother had a wonderful life and enriched the lives of her children and family and friends. The last 2 ½ years mother lived at The Cliffs were very pleasant as everyone was caring and loving. Thank you for your care and concern and know that we think very highly of The Cliffs and the whole staff. We are comforted in knowing she was well taken care of and knows how much we loved her.
Decker & the Cangeloso family
Thank you for all you have done for me and made my stay so wonderful over the past 7 years. I’m sad to be leaving to go live with my family in Florida, but I will never forget you. I LOVE YOU ALL and I just loved living here and will miss you very much! THANK YOU VERY MUCH. The Cliff is such a wonderful place. With very much love and gratitude. I will think of you often. Hopefully somewhere along the line I will see you again, if not, I will see you in heaven.
Meg Seiter
My brothers and I, as well as our families wanted to thank all at The Cliffs for their kindness, support and the wonderful years Walter had at The Cliffs. You made his memorial service so special. It was good to hear (from those who saw him day to day) how much he was still enjoying life. His service truly was enjoying life. His service truly was a celebration of his life. We want to thank everyone who contributed to our Dad’s care, especially as he became more needy. It was comforting to know that not only was he taken care of, but that everyone seemed to really care about him. For all this we thank you.
John Perkins
We’ll never forget that you were our first contact with The Cliffs when my father passed away, over five years ago now. It was such a blessing and relief when we learned from you that there was an opening for my mom, Evelyn. Her years there were good ones and she received wonderful care. Thank you for always being a friend to her and for all you did to make The Cliffs such a special experience for all the residents and their families.
Paul Gilmour
“We so appreciate all the care you showed our father Al during the past years, and for the compassion and companionship you have provided for Isabelle. We are so grateful to all of you.”
The Buckholz
Yesterday – September 24th – was the first anniversary of my Mom’s passing. I was very happy to be in Sea Island, GA. with girl friends in a beautiful, happy setting because it is hard the first year, and I think of her and miss her every day. We are comforted to know that she received the best care possible at The Cliffs with the wonderful administration and staff. The environment and the culture were A+, and anyone whose loved one is there is very fortunate. Once again, we thank you for all you did in this last phase of Mom’s life to keep her safe, cared for, and cared about. Trust you are all well and had a wonderful summer. Hope to see you again soon. I care very much about The Cliffs and those of you I got to know.
Barbara Rabke
May you receive infinite returns for all the love and care you give to those in need. God bless you.
Mary Lynch & Family

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