Major William “Bill” Horn

Major Horn got his first taste of being in an airplane when he was 10 years old. That experience set in motion the course his life would eventually take. After graduating from college in Washington State, Bill enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, obtaining his wings in 1056. Married his high school sweetheart and went on to be awarded The Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism in classified missions in East Asia.

Bill’s son, Rev. Greg Horn, Minister of The Presbyterian Church of Upper Montclair, encouraged his father and mother to move east after Bill’s retirement and their many adventures traveling the United States in their RV.

In the Spring of 2010, The Horns came to visit the Cliffs and decided to make it their new home to be close to their son and grandchildren. The Horns quickly made friends and integrated themselves into the community, however, sadly, Betty Horn grew increasingly ill and subsequently passed away.
Bill agreed to take on the leadership of the Resident Council and become their President, a role he kept for over a decade!!! He still supports the board as President Emeritus.

In addition, Bill designed and helped construct a Cliffs vegetable and flower garden, which he tended over many years, producing wonderful herbs and vegetables for the Cliffs chefs and flowers for the communal areas.

You can also see Bill’s handiwork in the Cliffs Great Room which is home to over a dozen beautifully crafted ship models, representing significant examples of history’s most famous sailing vessels.
Bill Horn has become a pillar of comfort and advice over the years; and draws a consistently large crowd of residents who depend on his strong voice several times a week as the Cliffs Bingo caller!
Bill Horn is a beloved member of the Cliffs community, and we are so grateful for him and the heart and soul he injects into the life of our community.

2024 New Year Concert

The Cliffs earns Advanced Standing Recognition from the State of New Jersey for the 12th Consecutive Year

Advanced Standing is a voluntary program for assisted living residences. Since its inception in 2012, The Cliffs at Eagle Rock’s Administrative staff recognized the program as a step toward assuring families the Cliffs was a residence where residents would receive quality care endorsed by New Jersey’s Healthcare Association and recognized as fully equipped for successful self-governance. Thus, The Cliffs was one of the first to apply and be awarded the 2012 Advance Standing Award.

The Department of Health, the government agency that inspects and licenses assisted living facilities in New Jersey has collaborated with the Health Care Association of New Jersey Foundation to expand oversight of facilities and ensure that all state licensing regulations and quality benchmarks are met. Residences that are found to provide more than the minimum and strive for excellence are awarded the special designation of Advanced Standing.

It is a recognition of compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations, the designation reflects a commitment to quality through participation in the National Center for Assisted Living Quality Performance Survey and meeting all benchmarks for quality indicators chosen by the Peer Review Panel of the Health Care Association of New Jersey Foundation.

The Cliffs is proud of its staff, their dedication, and commitment to “go the extra mile” to care for our residents, and to see themselves as healthcare professionals who deserve to be recognized.

Alan Bensen

Saying “thank you” has never been harder!  Each time I sit down to pen our family thanks, I find myself flooded with emotions of thankfulness for you and your loving staff.

Mom’s passing the week before Thanksgiving 2017 was bittersweet for many of us who loved her.  For the past 11 years, the Cliffs’ family has cared for our mother so lovingly.  It’s difficult to put into words.

Rosemary Smith

On behalf of my brother and myself, I wish to thank Leni de Guzman and all the wonderful staff at the Cliffs for the care and concern that was evident every time we visited our Mom.   No matter when we stopped by to visit there was always an Administrator or staff member available to discuss any issues that might arise.  The care and comfort that was extended during my Mom’s stay was outstanding.  There was such a feeling of “family” when you entered the doors, you knew everyone there was loving and compassionate.  Mom’s stay, unfortunately, was only four months long but those four months and the care she received at The Cliffs will always be fondly remembered.  Thanks again to one and all.

Gloria Franklin and Gloria Harris Reunite at The Cliffs

Gloria Harris and Gloria (Faison) Franklin, along with Gloria Harris’ sister, all good friends, attended Montclair High School together. They graduated in 1951, but the two Glorias drifted apart as college and careers took them in different directions and even different countries. 

Gloria Franklin enrolled first into Drake Secretarial School and then went on to Upsala College and Seton Hall University. Her career path brought her to Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company where she worked as a manager until she retired.

Gloria Harris traveled a different path, she completed nursing school and began to travel the world, using her professional skills as a nurse.  Gloria finally made her way back to her roots in Montclair where she remained until moving to the Cliffs.

Gloria Franklin enjoyed living locally as well, raising her children and attending with them, First Baptist Church Bloomfield, where she had many friends, several of whom came to live at The Cliffs at Eagle Rock Assisted Living Community.  They all encouraged Gloria to join them. In 2019, Gloria decided it was time to do just that! Gloria says of her decision, “I felt strongly I wanted to move to an environment where the Christian message would be lived out in the hearts and minds of others around me”. And so, the decision to move to the Cliffs with its long history of compassionate care was upheld and valued. “I feel very good here, Gloria says, I made the right choice, although Covid-19 has taken its toll on us and our ability to fully enjoy the community, as a community.                    

For Gloria Harris, although her journey was quite different, her family encouraged her to seek out a nurturing community that could undergird her growing need for support with the tasks of daily living.  Her family learned about the Cliffs from Oasis, a geriatric placement service.

Together, both Gloria Franklin and Gloria Harris bring an enlivening dimension to the Cliffs community with their wit, their good humor and their kindness to others.        

Article written by: Charlotte Crosswell                                                                                    

Gail Abramowitz

For days I have pondered how to express my gratitude for your compassion, devotion and true caring for my dad.  I knew from the day I first sang there and then toured the Cliffs before bringing Dad to you that this place was very special.  It felt like home immediately and it took no time for dad to settle in.  Yes, there were some small issues like the saga of the disappearing handkerchiefs but all the important things were done with finesse.  Dad always felt the love you exuded and the respect for him even as he declined.   You spoke to him, not at him or around him.  He loved how clean he said things were.  Thoroughly enjoyed the food – his appetite a testament to that!  He loved singing and dancing which I also shared with him the other residents and the team.  As he declined, your unending support made him feel safe and secure and his passing could not have been more dignified and serene.

I share your pain in losing a vibrant member of the Cliffs community, but, I am reminded that it only hurts because you truly loved him and he loved all of you.  So all I am left to say is thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  Please know you touched him, me, Nat and all who came to see him.  We were very fortunate to find you.

Ada Beth Cutler

Our Mother, Ricky Zarn, lived in The Haven at The Cliffs at Eagle Rock for the last year and a half, until she died peacefully in November 5th. We are enormously grateful that she was able to spend this last stage of her life here, where she was consistently treated with love, respect, and dignity. When we found The Cliffs and read that it is a Baptist home, we worried whether it was the right place for Mom as a Jew. It was absolutely the right place for her! Not only was she welcome there and her religion respected and celebrated, but the leadership and staff of The Cliffs have a genuine calling to care for the elderly of all backgrounds and religions. They truly do God’s work.

The staff of The Cliffs provides excellent, loving care to its residents. While many of the staff contributed to her safety and wellbeing, we must mention a few of the people with who Ricky and her family had a special bond. First and foremost is Monica Brooks. She is an extraordinary person and her leadership skills and gift of making connections with persons with dementia set the tone for The Haven. Mom loved Monica and Monica’s bond with her was incredibly strong. Monica was able to communicate with and understand mom even as Ricky’s ability to speak receded. She was like mom’s fourth daughter.

The leadership team at The Cliffs has been our genuine partner throughout mom’s stay there. Leni was always available and concerned and her fine leadership is crucial to the success of The Cliffs.

We are enormously grateful that our mother was able to spend this last stage of her life here, where she was consistently treated with love, respect, and dignity. The Cliffs have a genuine calling to care for the elderly of all backgrounds and religions. The Director of Nursing is a loving person who knows how to give care in a respectful and dignified manner. We would be remiss if we did not mention how clean and lovely the physical plant of The Cliffs is and that is not trivial.

Whenever we had a concern or an issue, Leni, Monica and Orlando would meet with Ada Beth, listen carefully to our concerns, thank us for bringing these issues to their attention and immediately address them. Who could ask for more?

Ricky Zarn had a wonderful life and she and our entire family were blessed with the love and care she received in her final year and a half at The Cliffs. We thank you all form the bottom of our hearts and may God bless you and everyone at The Cliffs.

Ada Beth Cutler

Carol Stanziale

There are no words to express the gratitude we feel on the care that was given to our Mother over all these years.  The Administrators and staff at the Cliffs show an amazing amount of dedication and compassion. You are all truly sensitive to the needs of your residents.

Over the 11 years that my Mother made her second home at the Cliffs, there was never a time that she felt that her life was useless or not complete. In the beginning of her stay, she thoroughly enjoyed the activities that were provided to the residents. She especially enjoyed playing dominoes and all the lunch trips that were provided. She was always ready to help out wherever she could and that made her feel useful and gave her a sense of accomplishment.

In her later years, when her health began to fail, the care she received was outstanding. Her family cannot begin to repay you for the generosity and love that the staff and administrators provided. Please accept this token of our extreme gratitude.

2016 Cliffs Spring Concert

2016 Spring Concert

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