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7 0 7 E A G L E R O C K A V E N U E , W E S T O R A N G E , N J 0 7 0 5 2
Letter from the President of the Board of Directors and C.E.O.
It is a privilege to serve The Baptist Home as we celebrate the 125th Anniversary of
its birth and the 10th anniversary of the Home’s move to its beautiful new residence in
West Orange., New Jersey. We praise the Lord for guiding and blessing His work at
The Baptist Home so that today we can meet more elder care needs than ever before.
When the Lord called upon the Baptist laity in Newark to meet the needs of the elderly,
the year was 1890. The Baptist churches responded by becoming members of The Baptist
Home Society of New Jersey which was formally incorporated in 1891. The churches provided
Managers to help govern and volunteer their services to the Home. The Churches also provid-
ed financial support, thus enabling acquisition of a suitable residence.
In this memorial report, we celebrate those early years and the many succeeding years de-
voted to elder care. We honor those who heard God’s call of service over the past 125 years and
provided the highest level of care in a loving Christian community. Those who served before us
set the standard for us to follow today.
The present Board of Directors, Managers, and staff feel privileged and grateful for the
opportunity to follow in our predecessors footsteps devoted to the mission of loving care.
Gordon Meyer, C.E.O.
Nancy Jacobus, President, Board of Directors
Board of Director from left to right:
Nancy McDonnell, Joyce Nelson, Gordon Meyer,
Louise Clapp, Nancy Jacobus, Esther Cancio
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