Senior Gardeners Share Their Harvest

Cliff’s residents, Major Bill Horn, Marjorie Tallent and Caryl Rowell take turns grooming the robust garden they’ve created at The Cliffs at Eagle Rock Assisted Living in West Orange. Now in its 4th year, their garden has matured under the able supervision of Major Horn who began the project as a way of keeping busy and useful.

“We’ve since expanded into two areas” he says with obvious pride. “We planted our 140 tomato plants, and variety of herbs purposely in the inner court yard so residents can take produce for their own use, as well as our dining staff for meals in the main dining room.” The other location is on a lower slope of the campus I was told, where peppers, green onions, cucumbers and additional herbs are growing. “We’ve had to put a wire fence around it, says Major Horn, to keep out the deer, but the bugs are another story and a real problem!”

The senior gardeners plan and strategize and work with Cliff’s maintenance to prepare a perfect garden. Members take turns with the weeding and watering, and cooks come out daily to pick herbs for their daily meal preparation. To help enhance the beauty, the Cliffs Salon beautician even donated hanging flowering baskets all round!

“We started in April to get the garden started and it looks like we will have a bumper crop of tomatoes in about two weeks,” says Major Horn.
The group is even suggesting there will be plenty for staff to take some home for their families as well. Now that is truly a sharing harvest!

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